What is acidosis? What is an acid base balanced diet?

The modern day diet here in North America of primarily meat and grains creates a significant acid burden. Acids are produced normally as a result of normal metabolism. However our poor diet with a lack of alkaline green leafy vegetables and fruits causes hyperacidity where the amount of acids produced is more than normal. Combine that with stress, inflammation and toxins in our environment our body becomes acidic. Acidosis increases with age. Also as we age our kidneys do not eliminate acids as well. So many women have a low grade chronic acidosis.

What happens when our bodies become acidic? The body uses any buffering substances available to neutralise them because even small changes in pH (a measure of acidity and alkalinity) can be harmful. The lower the ph the more acidic the body becomes. So the body keeps Ph in our blood and other tissues within a narrow range. Acidosis or an acidic pH has been linked to risk ofchronic diseases including cancer and osteoporosis. To maintain a steady pH,alkaline salts of calcium are released from the bone, this can lead to osteoporosis and poor bone health. Acids are also stored in connective tissue and can cause inflammation.

How to measure your pH? Ask your pharmacist for a kit of pH papers and test either saliva or urine, urine is more accurate. Test over twenty four hours and record the results. The first reading is done in the morning with the first urinary void. An ideal range is between 6.2 to 7.4.The morning reading is normally more acidic and the evening one due to the kidneys eliminating overnight and during the day.

What can you do about acidosis? First it is important to change your diet. The ideal diet needs to be approximately 75% alkaline forming foods and the rest acidic. Are you getting your 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables? These foods are naturally alklanising.They have minerals such as potassium and magnesium which act as a buffer. Green leafy vegetables like spinach pack the greatest punch. Reduce your intake of acidic foods such as cheeses, cold meats and dairy. Excess protein diets above 75g a day has been found to generate a negative calcium balance. Of note is the fact that the highest rate of hip fractures occur in women who consume large amounts (60-80g) of animal protein daily. Exercise regularly and avoid stress as much as possible. Deep breathing helps as well.Also the use of an alkalinising supplement may help. This is a mineral supplement designed to bind and remove and neutralise excess acids. Simple sodium bicarbonate can be used and potassium citrate. Also a combination such as alkalinising powder containing a blend of potassium, magnesium and calcium carbonates can be used. Ask your local pharmacy to make this up for you. Alkaline broth with celery,spinach,and carrots and seaweed helps alkalinise the body, and remove toxins.A greens supplement is also a good idea.

So keep your car battery acidic and your body slightly alkaline.

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