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Hot Chixs Hot Sex by Author Irene Stronczak – Hogan

Menopause is a daunting, uncomfortable, unsettling stage of life that every woman will eventually have to face. Let’s face it: most women think that menopause sucks! Unfortunately, most women choose to ignore it until it hits them. Information is plentiful, but the trouble lies in determining just how much of it can be believed and relied upon.

Hot Chixs Hot Sex Book Launch Gala & Fundraiser Event

Networking begins at 7:00 PM, followed by welcome and guest speakers at 7:30 PM. Wine, beer, and snacks will be served.

A portion of proceeds from tonight’s gala will be donated to Irene’s chosen charity.

Hot Chixs Hot Sex by Author Irene Stronczak – Hogan

Hot Chixs Hot Sex: How to Survive Menopause, takes a candid look at the reality of becoming empowered and dispelling the myths and negativity about menopause and aging and gives advice on how women can continue to grow personally and professionally while enjoying life and bring out positivity and living well without chronic disease and expecting or being told it’s normal for our bodies to fall apart as we go through menopause and beyond.

Women are often confused, frightened, and overwhelmed by the idea of menopause and dread the thought of the symptoms they have heard about: changing hormones, insomnia,  hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, irritability, and loss of sex drive. However, understanding what menopause is, how it will affect the body, what to expect, and what treatment options are available takes the worry out of this natural process.

June 20th, 2018 @ 7 PM – 9 PM


Shawn & Ed Brewing Co.
65 Hatt St,
Dundas, ON L9H 0C1

A portion of proceeds will be donated to THE BRIDGE