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Adrenal exhaustion.Why you are fatigued,wired and irritable?

Menopause expert

Are you tired,exhausted,irritable and moody?Does getting up in the morning seem like a chore,do you feel as though you havent slept a wink?Welcome to your adrenals.You may not know them but they are two tiny glands that pack a powerful punch to your fight or flight response and the more stressed you are the harder your adrenals have to work untill finally they throw in the towel.If youre approaching or in menopause then you will find your hot flashes,night sweats are horrible and your energy and libido have got up and left you.


The adrenals are often called the stress glands,that is they help your body adapt to stress and also are a key to hormonal balance in menopause.The more stressed you are the more your hormones like progesterone and testosterone will be out of balance.The problem ids for most women are that thier adrenals are no longer able to adapt and start to shut down.So you may go from wired and tired to plain exhausted.

So we all know we are stressed.What can we do about it?

First you need to say NO.No to everything that doesnt energise you,make you feel good or robs you of time,sleep and health.Choose to nurture yourself.


Sleep supplement

Sleep is a priority,turn off the tv,all your electronics and simply breathe.Turn off the lights and say goodnight,in a cool dark room before midnight.Write down all your to do lists before you go to sleep.Avoid caffeine at night,drink chamomile or try lavender in the bath or on your pillow,calm your nerves and body.

If you’re having trouble falling asleep then a few of my favourite herbs and supplements are GABA,l-theanine,Holy basil,and melatonin.I love Ortho Sleep for my patients. Ortho sleep buy now

Cortisol is often a problem with people under stress.Testing with a 4 point salivary cortisol is a great start to see what stage of adrenal fatigue you are at and form a treatment plan.


Salivary 4 point cortisol test

Chronic Stress and a Woman’s Body

When a woman experiences prolonged stress, pregnenolone, a hormone essential for both coping with stress and producing female hormones, is diverted from the normal hormone pathway. As a result, the production of female hormones is compromised. This condition can cause a multitude of symptoms including irritability, mood swings, headaches, sleeplessness, and weight gain.

Female hormone imbalances can be treated with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It does not address the probable root cause: stress. Before a woman begins hormone therapy, it is necessary to assess whether her hormones are reacting to factors that are internal or external.

Stress plays a big part is reducing our levels of progesterone which results in … too much estrogen.

Here’s how: Progesterone is the “mother of all hormones.” It is the precursor and essential raw material out of which the body created ALL THE OTHER HORMONES. As the precursor to all the other hormones in the body, the adrenal glands and adrenal hormones are no exception. If you encounter a mildly stressful situation your body draws on its progesterone to produce the hormones (adrenal corticosteroids) to counteract it. These are the hormones that protect against stress. BUT, if your body is in a constant or permanent state of stress it can’t provide enough progesterone to be converted into anti-stress hormones and the result is adrenal exhaustion and no left over progesterone for other normal body functions.

Both high and low cortisol levels impact body systems and related hormones, particularly thyroid and testosterone. In times of high stress the adrenals will also “steal”progesterone from its reproductive duties to make extra cortisol, thus the imbalance of estrogen/progesterone. Energy, mood, bone muscle and sex drive are the casualties making us feel old before our time.

You can restore health and energy by supporting adrenals glands in a daily way:

  • engage in non-competitive gentle exercise.
  • avoid caffeine pick-me-ups.
  • drink plenty of water
  • eat mostly organic hormone-free food.
  • take anti-stress multi vitamins ( B complex & C)
  • avoid chemicals and pollutants
  • get enough sleep and take naps when needed
  • be open to love & laughter